Our Process.

Defining the services of a chiropractor is not a simple matter since people view chiropractic to mean a variety of things.

Fundamentally, we exist to help you break the debilitating cycle of trying to achieve health through masking your symptoms with drugs and other temporary solutions.

At One Wellness Niagara, the path to your health begins by defining the root cause of each health issue and then deciding the most practical course of action. These action steps consist of designing an individual protocol that keeps you on the road to better health.

By diagnosing, deciding and implementing, your body will begin to respond in a manner typically related to how long your problem has been manifesting.

This is usually in the form of pain reduction and feeling more mobile. The treatments are gentle and safe. In fact, most people describe the treatment as a “feel good” sensation.

At One Wellness Niagara, we put YOU in charge of your health once your problem has been diagnosed. Our patients, their loved ones and everyone around them see real changes in every facet of their lives.

Compared to many alternative health care treatments, chiropractic involves minimal expense to achieve your desired results.

Since chiropractic is the largest natural healthcare profession, most extended health insurance companies cover a large portion of their initial treatments.

The common philosophy of our staff and doctors is one of being 100 percent committed to your recovery and long term well being. This is everyone’s first and foremost reason for choosing to be part of One Wellness Niagara team.

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